Messages from fans...
These were posted when Fawcett first announced her battle. If you'd like to leave a message for Farrah now, there is a link to Mike Pingle's e-mail or you can go to his website.

Get better, love and light to you!! – Steve N.

To Farrah aka Jill Munroe, I hope that everything goes will and remember that you are a strong woman. you're going to win this fight, because you are a true angel. I hope that everything thing turns out positive in the end. God is always watching you and he loves you. Feel better. - Erica Jones

You are the best! Always! And my love and admiration for you is without end! I really hope that one day I could see you and tell you THANKS! – Alberto

Courage and good good luck Farrah… with my love - Veronique Cherance

Wholeheartedly with you Farrah in this hard road strength and courage goes towards you and we think fondly of you your fan since 1976

Farrah, you are an angel and do not be scared. You are a survivor! - Bano Rodriguez

Dear Farrah I only want to wish you the best. You are strong, lovely women and I pray for you and your family please get well soon so we can see you back on the screen, love always - Robert Oppici Jr

I write from france - I love you farrah and I wish you better health and cancer free again kisses from toulouse -france- Alain

Dear Farrah, You are and have been my favorite actress for over 30 years now. I pray you have a fast, speedy, successful and painless recovery. I hope you are back to your beautiful self real soon and I look forward to your future projects. I love you and always will. Your my Barbra!!LOL (Remember that from the Rosie show?) Take care Angel - Kenny [Galveston, Texas]

Farrah, I was born February 2nd 1967, I was diagnosed with colon cancer Jan 3rd 2007. I always thought it was pretty neat to share a Birhtday with An Angel, I loved your show as a kid. Now I share your Hope, I am getting Chemo now, I had surgery first. I mostly wanted you to know the you inspire me to fight, to live. God Bless You Farrah and please don't ever give up.- Sharon

Dear Farrah Fawcett! Please!Stay strong! I Love you so Much! We Love Farrah! - Kiko Chehin

Dear Farrah, I have been a fan of yours for many years. I met you when you were doing Extremities off Broadway and you were wonderful. I have the picture of you and I framed it. It hangs in my living room. I heard you were sick again and I pray for you to get a speedy recovery. All the best, Love - Robert Cella

Farrah, So very sorry to hear the news that it has returned. I (WE) feel your pain..... my sister and I both have had our colons, and rectums removed. Hers to Cancer and mine to ulcerative colitis. I have an ileostomy and she underwent an operation that was fairly new at the time (the J pouch). We both came so close to losing our lives. I don't know how, but you muster up all the powers you have and you just go on. I have met some great nurses and doctors in my time and I have a new respect for both. They saved us. I hope the people that surround you fill you up with love and encouragement. Most of all enjoy this journey no matter what it brings. That which does not kill you only makes you stronger. I think my journey has made me a much more tolerant person to just about everything I could possibly encounter. People often say to me, "How do you remain so even tempered all the time?" I just's not that I HAVE to do those mundane things in life that everyone groans and complains's that I GET to do them! - Trish

Dear Farrah, I’m so sorry to hear about the cancer returning. I know you will beat this again, as long as you have the power of prayer and your fans to help you through it. Much love and respect - Bob Savidge

Dear Farrah, I’m sure God will always be by your side and help you to get over all the trials you’re facing. I love you, we all do. I’ll pray to God for you, so that this bad moment is over soon, and for your family. We want our Golden Haired Goddess as beautiful and nice as ever soon! With love from Naples, Italy.- Gianni Iovino

Dearest Farrah, take care and surround yourself with family and friends and let the positive energy just flow. You are such an incredible inspiration to so many who are struggling. Take care and know that you are not alone and many people are thinking, praying and hoping for you to recover completely. All the best to you.- Kelly S.

Farrah, wow, round 2… you will win the fight. I love your attitude and POSITIVITY is definitely the right frame and approach to battle everything and anything. I have watched you over the years (your performances, I’m not a STALKER!) and have just been so impressed by the depth you bring to everything you do. I think my favorite is Beatte Klarsfeld: The Nazi Hunter Story. Just riveting. You are a strong and resolute woman. Take heart in all that you have accomplished and proven over the course of your life. Take care, we love you!- Joan Wallace

Love, love and more love to you Farrah. Take care!!!- Jim Black

You have captured the hearts of many and you are not just a beautiful person on the outside you are a beautiful person on the inside. I pray that quick healing comes over you and that you will once again dazzle us all with your acting or your art! You will always be my angel!- Ted "Always a Farrah Fan!" Brown

Farrah!! Te quiero!! Deseo con todas mis fuerzas k vuelvas a superar el cancer, rezo por ti cada noche para que asi sea. Quiero agraderte desde aqui los momentos felices que me hiciste pasar a lo largo de mi vida, yo era feliz cuando te veia en la pantalla, y se me olvidaba el dolor de mi vida. Deseo con todo mi corazon que te cures de este terrible mal. Y love you Farrah!!- Translation follows...
Farrah!! Farrah! I want and desire, with all my forces, that you surpass, again, the cancer. I pray each night so this will be. The happy moments that you carried me along in life, I was happy when you were on the screen and forgot the pain in life. I desire with all my being that you will be cured of this terrible thing and… love you Farrah!! - German Gonzalez

Farrah you’re in my thoughts and prayers. I pray for for you and your speedy recovery. GOD BLESS YOU.- Todd Smith

May every day bring better feeling to you and may every night bring you rest and renewal. Farrah, our thoughts, and our prayers are for you and a complete recovery. You are an inspiration! Take care!!!- Jolene

You have captured the hearts of many and you are not just a beautiful person on the outside you are a beautiful person on the inside. I pray that quick healing comes over you and that you will once again dazzle us all with your acting or your art! You will always be my angel!- Ted "Always a Farrah Fan!" Brown

Sehr geehrter Farrah, wir beten, dass Sie vom Krebs frei sein werden und verheilen und sind, besser als je. Ich bin ein Fächer gewesen, weil die 70'er und ich Sie lieben, und Sie sind deshalb sehr talentiert. Meine ganze Liebe zu Ihnen! Aufnahmesorge Farrah.
Dear Farrah, we pray that you will be free of the cancer and heal and be better than ever. I have been a fan since the 70's and I love you and you are so very talented. All my love to you! Take care Farrah. - M. Mueller

Farrah, you are a true Angel and I hope you know that you have touched many people with your courageous words, your great attitude and your battle to “fight the fight!” You have done more for people who are struggling than I can express. Please take care, rest yourself, pamper yourself and rest… rest… rest! All of my best to you! HUGS!- Tim B

Dearest Farrah, a cherub you will always be. You have lit up the universe with your smile, you have proven yourself a stellar actress and you have, no doubt, fought many battles on many fronts. You will win this fight and we will all be waiting for your next act. Thanks for being so strong and confrontational with your struggle. - Amy Washington

You will win! I am confidant! You are too strong and just awe inspiring! Keep it up! Love - Joel Mancini

Greetings from Norway! Blessings and full recovery to you Farrah! We’ve watched everything you have done and we are just hoping that you come back to the screen where you belong! God bless!- The Norway Bunch

Dear Farrah, keep fighting and hang in there… we are all pulling for you. When I read this quote I immediately thought of you… No matter how difficult the challenge, when we spread our wings of faith and allow the winds of God's spirit to lift us, no obstacle is too great to overcome.- Roy Lessin- Sheila Walsh

Just thinking about you and hoping you are doing well and are doing everything to stay positive, focused and well nurtured. Positive thoughts are coming your way!- J.T.

Beautiful Farrah take care we love you!

Stay healthy Farrah, you are so awesome… I have been a fan since The Burning Bed and I just can’t get over all that you have done and accomplished in your career and life. Get better! FIGHT THAT FIGHT!!! Beverly Johnston

Thinking of you and hoping that you are feeling 110% better! You gonna kick it F! Jose Gonzalez

Go the distance Farrah! We are thinking of you and praying for you that all will be better! Dan Parker

Hey… you are gonna make a major triumphant knock out on this one! I believe in you and your spirit! You are strong and will master all! Jacob Manske

I am praying for you, I have you in my thoughts and hope for the best. Love you so much Farrah! You are the best! Jack White

You are wonderful… just wanted you to know that I am thinking bout’ you! Mark

Farrah, be strong and have faith that you can beat this again. You are a GREAT actress and looking forward to see you back at work as soon as this ordeal is over. My prayers are with you. Steve

Farrah, keep fighting and have faith that you will beat this thing. It can be done, nothing is impossible with God. I have been a fan of yours for 30 years and it is such a joy to see your movies and hopefully more ahead. Get well and come back stronger than ever! Jon

Dear Farrah, I had a double mastectomy five years ago and I have been in remission and then fought again and won. You will, no doubt, have your moments of fatigue and weariness, but it is so worth the fight. I am thinking of you and putting it into the universe that you will heal and come out stronger then before. Take care. Love Erin

Farrah, you rock, you roll… you all together go! Thought I would write a “CHEER” for you! Keep the faith Farrah you are going to make it! Janis Whitemore

All you need is LOVE Farrah… we love you! Take care! G.B.U.! Brad

Farrah, just thinking positive thoughts about you and your situation. Know that many people are praying for you and thinking great thoughts. Take care. Love to you. Peter Z.

Dearest Farrah Fawcett… you are awesome… I am giving it my best power boostin’ prayer that I got in me for you! Hang in there and don’t you give up!Love ya! John B.

IN the ring, Fawcett vs. Cancer. Round 1: Fawcett!!! Round 2: FAWCETT!!! U gonna knock it out the ring Farrah! Peace. J.T.

Just sending love and great energy your way today! Marc

This shall pass Mz Fawcett! You are strong and I know you are going to make it. Richard

Dear Farrah, I hope this letter/note finds you rested, refreshed and ready to embark on this next journey. Enjoy, relax, breathe and let your self heal. You are the mistress of your evolution and journey. Listen. Take time to relax and enjoy the moments that make you happy and feel great. Take Care! Tammy Johnson

keep fighting girl! you're a star and I'm praying for your speedy recovery. I know you can do it. Thinking of you, with best wishes, Step x Stephen Squires

Farrah, I love you and I am prayin’ for you and that everything will work out in our favor, cuz we need you round! Don’t give up, don’t stress, just relax and heal! Your fan forever! Rick James

I can’t think of anyone lovelier, more generous or more courageous. Farrah, you have been “fighting this fight,” for years for the American Cancer Society and I just think this is just another test for you to pass and surpass. I know you can do it! All my best thoughts are for you. Scott Moore

I’m wishing on a star (that’s you) that you will stomp this out and come back to where you belong (the big screen, the stage, the artists studio) and just shine! You are a true inspiration to me! God bless and love you! Deb Johnson

Best to you, just was thinking of you and said a little prayer Juan

Farrah, how are you? Take care… you are in my thoughts and prayers... Danielle Border

From the moment I wake up… until you put on your make-up… I say a little prayer for you! Ok, so I “borrowed,” that… but it IS true! LOVE YOU FARRAH FAWCETT always MAJOR! xoxo Trudi

You always brighten up my day whenever I get the opportunity to watch you on whatever… come back to us!!! You rock Fawcett! Angle love to you 4-ever! Bill R.

Mirror, mirror… whose the Farrah-ist of them all? I know you are doing great cuz you are already our angel! Love to you Farrah… you get better and kick some c-azz! Tammy, Bill and Mike PS. it takes a village to be that creative!

I hope you are feeling better and will recovery completely. All my thoughts and prayers are for you! Take care Farrah! Love you! David P.

Thinking of you often. Hope you are recovering well, take care, always your Farrah Mel T.

Please know that so many people are praying for you Farrah! I believe that God doesn’t give us anything we can not handle. You are such a strong person, if anyone can beat the odds, it’s you! Ken G.

You are in my thoughts daily as I know you have a long fight in front of you. I’m keeping you and your family in my prayers Janice

You are going to make it through this… you are a strong and special lady! Love and great health to you… D.J.

To the thousands watt smile you are an angel! Take care. Always a fan. Nick Lead

Keep your spirits up and keep fighting! You will make it! I know you will!!! Best always! Ed

Farrah, I read this quote and thought of you...
The best six doctors anywhere
And no one can deny it
Are sunshine, water, rest, and air
Exercise and diet.
These six will gladly you attend
If only you are willing
Your mind they'll ease
Your will they'll mend
And charge you not a shilling. Julie

Farrah, you are the best and don’t you forget it! Get better and get back on the screen where you belong! Your forever! A. Faraj

You are awesome and you will make it through this! FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!!! Farrah, you are the best, I have enjoyed watching you over the years and you just get better and better like a fine wine! Take care Farrah!Dallas Hamilton

Farrah a big hug and kiss to you! You are in my thoughts and my prayers and I hope you are doing better and better as each day passes! Take care… all my love… DAJUAN

Hey there Farrah GIRL! You take all the time you need to regroup, refresh and relax! You are the greatest actress ever! All my best to you! You’re my forever angel! Peter Dalton

Through the years I’ve watched you grow as an artist and an actress and I have always been impressed, amazed and awed by you and your choices. Please take care and heal and thrive forward! In great admiration… Hillary A.

You and your family are in our thoughts and prayers. J. Avila

I can only imagine how scary this must be for you and I hope that you know that many many people have you in their thoughts, and their prayers. Hold steady to your courage; lean on those who love you; and have faith that this too shall pass. Patty

I'm fan of you since always; I wish you long life and still many films. we miss you in France, and I will like to have more news of you in our French magazines !!! fortunately that there are sites on internet so that I can have your news !!! I love you Farrah Brigitte (BASSE-NORMANDIE) FRANCE

Just thought I’d send you a quick note to say I love you and I hope you are doing great and keeping your chin up and that you’ll be back on the screen very soon! Mike

Dear Farrah… blessings on you. Positive spirits and healing energy. Jacque T.

I just discovered this web site… awesome… Farrah… take care… I’ve been a fan for years and years… love you, love your work! Tom Gregory

Just wanted you know that so many people have you in there thoughts and prayers. We will continue to pray for your recovery and you continue to surround yourself with love and positive thoughts . Farrah, you have known many challenges and you have prevailed, this is no different. Take care and know you are loved. Terry Woods

Farrah por favor se fuerte, y piensa k millones de personas en el mundo te aman. Con la ayuda de dios, lo superaras de nuevo! no hay otra mujer en el mundo como tu!Translation follows:
Please be strong, millions of people in the world love you. With God’s help! There is no other woman in the world like you!Toni, Spain

Farrah I'm not alone in saying you were an influential part of what formed the person I am today. With much gratitude, I thank you for making the rougher moments in life a little smoother. For me it was anticipating each Tuesday and the possibility you might be gracing the cover of any magazine's latest issue; winning that incredible lot of Japanese clippings on eBay; purchasing mint copies of the Pro Art posters directly from Mr. Trikilis to replace my originals; downloading your appearance on the Dating Game from; the day I watched you film a scene from Dalva at the park across from my work. The list could go on and on as it dates back to when I entered the 7th grade. These are the moments that make be smile but most importantly thankful I sat down in front of the TV on the 22nd of September back in 1976. You have so many out here sending the best wishes imaginable and praying for your continued recovery, good health and happiness. Again, Thank You, KellyMan (A most devoted fan) 'Age cannot wither her, nor custom stale her infinite variety - William Shakespeare' Kelly

Dearest Farrah, I hope this message finds you. Please take care and heal. Love to you and best wishes always. Linda M.

Mz. Fawcett, I have been an ardent admirer since I was kin to a tad pole. May I just say that you have been a gracious and beautiful presence for many years and have been just a delight to watch. Keep that fight going. Yours truly. Terrence A.

Farrah, just thinking of you and hoping you are having great days, not just good ones… great ones! Take care, heal, rest, relax and recover! Love you!!! Kyle G.

Dear Farrah, you are such an inspiration, so strong, so resolved in your optimism… I think that is extremely admirable and just astonishingly great! Prayers and Positive Energy your way! C. Haimes

Fairest Farrah, I sincerely believe you will over come this hurtle and once again prove to everyone how resilient you are in everything you do! BIG kiss and unlimited hugs! Love you! Fan 4-ever! Marcus Thompson

I hope today is restful and beautiful and that you are taking everything with an ounce of sugar and a pound of cure! Melissa

Your still hot! If ever there were the embodiment of an angel on earth you would be it Miss THANG! XXX and a couple of O’s Andrew T.

What can I write that hasn’t been expressed? You are awesome! I only hope for the best for you… you hang in there! Love ya lots and lots! Theresa P.

Farrah Fawcett… you are just the greatest actress, the greatest… you better give it your all and get back on the screen where you belong! Love ya! All the best to you… seriously! Joseph W.

When I was ill and in the hospital the visitors were a blur, the doctor’s just seemed to trickle in and out and it all seems a bit hazy, but I do remember that one night, in particular, a young nurse came in and just rubbed some lotion on my arm, and in that moment, I felt such care and such over whelming unconditional love and just an overall healing moment where in no one wanted anything of me other than for me to feel better. That is what I wish for you Farrah. That you truly feel that there are no expectations and that it is all up to you. There is NOTHING better than to feel that. I hope you feel the healing love of your family and friends and that you know that those of us who are writing to you really, want to be that nurse, in a metaphorical way, we don’t want or expect anything of you, we just want you to feel a little bit of unconditional and a no-expectation kind of emotion so that it’s expressed that you just feel better and get better. S.L.

Hola Querida Farrah Deseo de todo corazon que sanes muy pronto. Con tu fe en Dios y tu fortaleza lo vas a conseguir. Todo lo negativo que pasa en nuestras vidas nos ayuda a ser mas fuertes y eso lo sabes tu porque eres una luchadora. Animo porque hay muchas personas que estamos rezando por tu recuperacion, te queremos y nunca te olvidamos. Cuentanos como sigues, queremos saber noticias tuyas. Translation follows
Hi Dear, my heart says very soon. With your faith in God and your strength. Everything negative that happens in our lives will help us to be stronger and that you know because you are a fighter. I encourage you because there are so many people who are praying for your recovery and want you to never forget we want know news of you. . Myriam Castilla

Yes You can! colon cancer survivor 3.5 years 42yrs mom of 2 M. Roberts

Farrah, you are in my thoughts for a clear recovery! I would greatly hope that you check into the Macrobiotic way of life. This diet has actually cured cancer patients completely! All my best to you and your extended family, and please look into it, it will change your life! Love to you!! Paul L.

Farrah, I hope this finds you rested and feeling great… just thinking of you and praying for the best! Love you always! Nance T.

Dear Farrah, please take care! I think of you often throughout the day and definitely pulling for you! Fight! Ken G.

Farrah, I hope you are doing great and staying positive! Love U! Carrie U.

Miss Fawcett, just a note to let you know you are in our thoughts and prayers! Richard M.

I hope you are laughing and happy and doing great as ever! All the best to you and for you! xoxo John C.

Ya know I have been a fan since Charlie’s Angels and in everything you do you just exude a very strong spirit of positive energy and I hope that you endure for years to come! Lyle

Farrah, you are wondrous and beautiful and I truly believe you will re-cover and be just as strong as you have always been! All the best forever! Tommy S.

What a year you have had indeed… stay strong, stay resolute and fight your fight and win it! I believe in you and I really am praying hard for you that you will find the resolve to be strong and keep all those positive energies flowing throughout your course! Danny R.

May today be find you a lightning rod for healing and may the rain of peace fall upon you. Jostlin

Farrah, a pound of cure your way. Please heal, get better and bounce back to your effervescent self! Love you always! Tommy H.

Hello Farrah! I hope you are feeling well and striving to succeed in your battle with this horrible cancer! Take care… God’s blessing and healing love upon you. Hani B.

At every turn it seems there is a battle to be won, fought or something that is meant for us to aspire to, to become or to do better at. I sincerely pray that you will be well and heal and be stronger, better and healthier than before. B. Johnson

Dear Farrah, I am a big fan and love you and hope you are well! Patrick

Dear Farrah: How are you feeling today? Hopefully well. Listen I want you to open up a big fat can of whoop-ass on this cancer and hopefully it will leave you alone once and for all! Its time to knuckle up Farrah and show this cancer who's boss. I wanted to wish you a full and speedy recovery. You are thee number one icon and diva on the planet! A bright and shining star and a true heavenly angel. I love you so much and i wanted to let you know that you are always in my thoughts and prayers. Please take care of and be good to yourself and get well soon! May God bless you and your family. Your friend and fan, Jermaine Clark D

Dear Ms Farrah Fawcett, I love you so much, I cannot think in a world without you. Your message to all your fans was a beautiful one. Fight the best way you can. Remember: a tiger wins because it is an animal - Please be an animal and go to the end of your possibilities to be one loving presence to the entire world with new movies and new photos of a won battle. God bless you and your dear ones. Alex Camargo

Farrah, I have been thinking about you a great deal, and I just want to wish you the best of luck, and a speedy recovery. Keep fighting the fight. I would also ask that you get the book called The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. It's very uplifting and very positive. Thinking of You, Sharon Byrn

Hey Farrah (a.k.a.Ms Rocky Balboa)what's up girl? How are you doing today? Hopefully great. This is ya boy Jermaine with just a few more words of encouragement. Please Farrah listen to your fans. We are all praying and pulling for you. We all grew up watching you dazzle and amaze us with your beauty, humor, athleticism, drama skills and superior acting ability. We all fell in love with you instantly. So therefore we are all family. Remember Farrah this is not just your fight, this is our fight! This is not just your battle, this is our battle! We are all fighting side by side with you Farrah. We are all in this together. When you hurt, we hurt. When you feel pain, we feel pain. When you suffer, we suffer. And your day of triumph will be our day of triumph. We want you to feed off of us. We want you to draw strength and comfort from us. We want you to feel all the love, concern, compassion, support and positive energy that we are sending your way. Our girl Farrah taken out b! y cancer? Hell No! Our girl Farrah whippin cancers ass? OH Hell Yeah!, your damn right! Farrah you are not alone. We all got your back. Your fan base is mad strong and your posse is crazy deep. You have your family, friends, fans, and most importantly God all on your side. So with all this back-up combined with your own undying perserverance, strong will and desire and determination to win this fight, their is no chance of you losing. You wont quite because we wont let you quite. You will not lose because we wont let you lose! So Farrah continue fighting and win! Hang in their baby-girl. We want to see you back on television dazzling and amazing us like only you can, you and your fine-ass self! So Farrah please stay strong, persevere, keep ya head up and win this fight! Do it for yourself and all your people. We all love you and we want you around for a long, long time. One love, Jermaine C.

Farrah, my prayers go out to you!! We are all here to "Fight the Fight" with you! I LOVE you, I always have and always will!! Get well soon! A big kiss and hug to you... Love always, Joseph Smileuske
Dear Farrah, I hope you are well and getting better… just wanted you to know I sent a prayer your way! Paula

Dearest Farrah, just thinking of you and hoping all is well. Take care ANGEL! B

Hey Farrah how are you doing? I hope that you are doing okay. I hope that your mornings are bright and sunny, that your days are restful and peaceful and free of stress and your nights comfortable and cozy. Once again I want to encourage you to hang in their, to be strong, courageous, to persevere, and continue fighting. Yes you have a long, hard, and bumpy road ahead of you. Just remember you are not traveling down this road alone. You have your family, friend’s fans, and most importantly God all traveling with you every step of the way. There is a bright light at the end of this dark tunnel. Please continue fighting and win! You must win because there are too many of us who love and need you! I wanted to express my deepest sorrow for everything that you are going through but rest assured the Lord is shining His light down upon you, so good times and better days are ahead. Just continue to have faith in Him and he will bless you ten times over! Remember we all reap what we sow, so continue to do good works. Remember he who sows good seeds will reap a bountiful harvest. Yes good times and better lie ahead, and knowing you the best is yet to come! Just wanted to let you know that you are always on my mind and in my heart. You are such a sweet and delicate flower a true breath of fresh air. You have the biggest, brightest, and most beautiful smile that I have ever seen!, and a heart and soul to match. So Farrah you take care of yourself .I want you to get plenty of fresh air, rest and sleep. Exercise regularly, and drink lots of water and eat right, and continue to pray. Always be conscious of not only the physical, but also your spiritual needs as well Continue feeding not only your body with positive and uplifting things but your mind as well. You are truly God's gift to mankind. Thank you so much for being born and for everything you have done since then. So please stay strong and get well soon! With all my love, sincerely yours, Jermaine

I hope you win!!!! Ilaria

Dear Farrah, tonight I’ve read you’re in Germany to try a new treatment for your cancer. I’m impressed at your determination and courage. You’re really fighting the fight, Angel! You’re in my thoughts and prayers, and I’m sure you’ll triumph over adversity. I love you. Gianni Iovino

As you rest and heal, know that you are thought of warmly and wished a quick recovery. Cissy

Hello, my friend; You’re on my mind,
Because you're somehow ailing,
But your response to any challenge
Has always been unfailing.
So I’m confident you’ll win again;
Hang in there, and you’ll see;
You’ll be back on top in no time,
Tackling life courageously.
By Joanna Fuchs Thomas K.

Dear Farrah, I hope that you are doing well and taking great care of yourself. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. The Jensons

Just thought I’d drop you a note to say, “GET BETTER!” Love you! Tommy

Take care, rest, relax, heal and strive to thrive! Best wishes! R.T.

Farrah, you will always be my angel... I can only say you are in my thoughts with this new hurdle to have to conquer. I will always think of you as someone to admire, who fought, and fights with grace and beauty from what you are inside; not just your looks. I only send wishes that you will be alright and beat this again. Love, Jack Bryant

Hey Farrah, what's up sexy girl? Farrah, the lady of the hour, the lady with all the power, the lady who's too sweet to be sour I just want to let you know what the name Farrah Fawcett means to me. F stands for fighter. A stands for angel. R stands for resilient. R stands for run like hell cancer, cause Farrah is going to knock you out! A stands for "And the winner is...!" H stands for healthier than ever. Hell Yeah! F stands for fine as hell. A stands for athletic, awe-inspiring. W stands for winner! C stands for cancer ass kicker. E stands for exuberant, effervescent, excellent example to everyone who is fighting this disease. T stands for tough. T stands for time to lay the smack-down on cancers candy-ass! So as you continue to fight, may God give you the strength and endurance you need to overcome this most difficult challenge. As each day passes may serenity and tranquility surround you always. Good health to you, Farrah! Love always, Jermaine

Dear Farrah, I've had the greatest admiration for you over the years both professionally and personally. You have always maintained a certain dignity in the public eye that seems a rarity these days. I want you to stay strong and faithful to your principles that have always served you so well. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Sincerely, Paul Daly

My Message: Roses are red, violets are blue who's the most beautiful, loveliest, sweetest, classiest, sexiest, talented, determined, courageous, awe-inspiring, inspirational, fightingist, cancer beatin' iconic actress on da planet? Farrah , that's who! Keep on fightin’ girl! Love Ya! Peace! Jermaine

farrah fawcett est une merveilleuse actrice. je l adore. Frank

te amo farrah! German

Dear Ms Fawcett you are truly an inspiration to so many people around the world...this message comes to you from SOUTH AFRICA with every good wish and much energy and love and light to you to win this fight. Our prayers and thoughts are with you always. Shaun

Dear Farrah, keep on fighting! All the best to you and yours... take care. Ricky

I think of you and your struggle and I pray for a complete remission! Love you! Mike P.

Dearest most beautiful Angel, do get better, get and receive the best medical assistance you can and I truly believe all will be well for you. M.T.

Heal. Rest. Relax. Take care. I’ve been reading and following your journey and I just think it is so admirable the brave battle you have wagged against this internal foe. Take heart in your loved ones and get well. Ron C.

Just wanted to send a quick not of support. Love and healing to you Farrah! Ladonna W.

Mo Money Mo Money Mo Money,who's still da world's number 1 honey? That's right it's Farrah! When asked who's da best she will always get my vote, why do you ask? Simple, cause she's da G.O.A.T!(greatest of all time).When it comes to acting Farrah's da real deal she aint no phony, that's right it's my girl Farrah, da slenda tenda-roni. Farrah just wanna let you know that your web-site is da bomb,I hope you are enjoying all the messages being sent, can't wait to see you back in front of the camera, collecting those dead presidents! That's right before you know it Farrah will be back on the scene, so all you other so-called actresses better get ready to bow down to DA QUEEN! P.S. Farrah I hope you get better and I wanna wish well my girl Farrah losing this fight? NO CHANCE IN HELL! Get well soon! Peace! Jermaine C.

Dear Farrah, I sincerely hope you are having a great Holiday and know that many people are praying and thinking of you at this time in your life as you fight to recover and get better. Take care. M.P.

I hope this message finds you fighting, strong and resolute in your battle. All the best to you and yours. Ann T.

You will always be the beautiful blonde with the never ending smile to me… a fan forever and for always… take care… heal… love you! Tom Kort

Go, Fight, WIN! You can do it Farrah… my prayers and thoughts are with you! Shelly Anderson

Just thought of you today and wondered how you were and are doing… hope well and good. Take care… so many positive thoughts coming your way. Paul W.

Tick tock Tick tock who's still da prettiest girl on da block? It's Farrah in da place, with much style and grace, dat heavenly body, and angelic face! I'm sorry that your sick again, this is such a travesty, but I am confident you will overcome this one more time, YOUR MAJESTY! You're such a beautiful person inside and out,yes indeed da finest, I'm sure you'll be back stronger than ever, YOUR HIGHNESS! So Farrah as you continue to fight please stay strong, have faith in God and you can't go wrong. After you heal hopefully this cancer will forever leave you alone, I can't wait to see DA QUEEN back on her throne! So in closing I just wanna say GET WELL SOON! and have a nice day! Peace! Jermaine C.

Dear Farrah, I’m so glad that you are completely here. There are certain pictures at this website that I never saw. You are most gorgeous that is for sure. know you get my letters and I hope you are getting well .I have had some change of plans because of you know who, producers. But that’s ok because my alternate routes work too. Don’t you know that the football champion of New York State is here to stay .I never heard of any George Blanda who would have outdone or outlasted me. I’ll be a semi pro national in the Midwest in less than 2 years and the CFL is as good a place as any to land a spot. I know and do things in football that no one will ever beat Farrah so you just hang on like you do and watch it happen just like history don’t change. Gods got a plan , I’ve got a plan and somehow its all gonna work out for you and the man from New York who can make football magic become reality. Love you too... Brian Abramson

Hey Farrah, what's up boo? Just wanna let you know that I'm constantly praying and pulling for you. Farrah's my all-time favorite hottie, she's all da way live, right now she's in the fight of her life, she's fighting to survive. From day to day just continue to fight, stay strong, and pray. Sooner than later you'll be back on da scene, lots of hugs and kisses and best wishes to you MY QUEEN!... Jermaine C.

Farrah, you give it your all! Hang in there and do your best. Prayers and great thoughts to you and yours.... Marc Thompson

Farrah, I just wanted to send you a quick message to say, “Hang in there, fight that fight”, and “You go GIRL!”.... J.M.

I saw on TV that you are back in America… I really hope everything works out for you and that all your efforts are well rewarded. Blessings and continued great health to you.... Jake C.

Keep on keepin’ on Farrah! You are a very brave and strong woman and I am in complete and utter admiration of you and all that you are striving for! Hang in there!.... Kelly Gregory

WOW! I am just amazed at how strong a battle you have waged… keep it up. My thoughts, prayers and hopes are that you will have a complete remission. All the very best to you and yours.... T. Lang

There is a physical morality and Farrah you have proven that you embrace that ideology I really pray that you will heal and be completely free of cancer very soon! Love you and keep it up!.... Jose C.

Stay strong! Keep the faith! I know you can do it. I was reading over some of the messages to you and I just think you are a very inspirational person to garner such well wishes. Take care.... Angie B.

Farrah I've been a fan since I was in the 8th grade. I am 44 years old now and still just adore you. I pray for you and that you will have a full/speedy recovery. God Bless You. LOL.... TODD Smith Little Rock, Arkansas

Red light, green light 123 who's dat fly girl we all wanna see? Hey Ma, how are you doing? Hopefully you are doing fine and winning this fight. Listen MA, before I wish you nothing but da best, their is something I need to get off my chest. Now Farrah you have countless fans all over da world, you are loved by many from coast to coast, so Ma why last year did they try to dis you at that William Shatner roast? It's because their jealous! Cause you're ALL-THAT and a big bag of chips with the dip ,anyone who comes out they mouth and disrespects you, should have their ass whipped! I'm so sorry you had to sit there and endure all of that. You don't deserve to be treated that way! The whole thing was just disgusting and tasteless. The things that were being said to you just made my stomach turn. But once again you made me proud because you have enough class, dignity and self-assurance to not even respond to such nonsense and foolishness. Some people just don't know how ! to act in da presence of royalty. Don't you agree, Queen Farrah? Don't they recognize Greatness when they see it? But all of this was nothing compared to the personal losses you suffered last year. And the year before with the passing of your mom. I am truly and deeply sorry about your losses. About 2 months ago I sent you a 3-page letter expressing my condolences hopefully you got it. Last year at this time I bought season 3 of Charlie’s Angels on dvd. I'm anxiously awaiting season 4.I'm particularly looking forward to the episode "Fallen Angel"(10/24/79).In this episode you were a "naughty little angel”. You were a bad girl! I love it! Thank You Farrah! I love it when your bad; e.g.(small sacrifices 1989).As a good girl your hot ,but as a bad girl you're even hotter! P.S.I hope you will quickly, completely, and successfully recover real, real fast, can't wait to see you once gracing my TV. screen, you and your sexy ass! GET WELL SOON FARRAH! GOOD HEALTH TO YOU! And HEALING LIGHT ,and all dat good! stuff! I LOVE YOU! Sincerely yours.... Jermaine C

Farrah, I hope that you are doing better… take care… just a positive thought and prayer your direction!.... C.J.

Roses are red, violets are blue, I sure hope you can kick round 2!.... Stacey H

Take care, rest and heal… get better Farrah, my prayers are for you!….... Tom Downing

Farrah, hope you doing better. I have been a fan of yours for 30 years. Ever since I saw you as a model. You are my favorite actress and a great one! I hope to see you back soon! Get well!!.... Dan O'Brien

Just wanna give quick shout-out to my favorite blue-eyed blonde, yes Farrah of you I am extremely fond. You are such a beautiful person ,inside and out, YOU WILL beat this cancer, NO DUOBT! Yes you are a very lovely lady, outside and in, keep on fighting girl and WIN, WIN, WIN! For your complete recovery I will continue praying, YOU WILL be back healthier than ever, know what I'm sayin'? If anyone thinks Farrah's gonna lose this fight and go out like a sucka ,then yo I gots to tell ya you are one dumb mutha...! Farrah will be back, she's gonna treat this cancer like a roach and she's the exterminator, yes she will be back, like Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator! Farrah will be back on television stronger than ever,I do declare, Chasing Farrah season 2? Gimme a Hell Yeah! Please feel better Ma!-Your friend.... Jermaine

You better watch out, you better not cry, you better not pout I’m telling you why, cuz Farrah is gonna kick some serious cancer azz! You go girl! KICK IT to the CURB!.... David

Rest, Relax and recuperate! The three “R’s” that will help you get better. Just thought of you and thought I would leave you a quick message.... R. Kuliner

Farrah, hope you doing better. I have been a fan of yours for 30 years. Ever since I saw you as a model. You are my favorite actress and a great one! I hope to see you back soon! Get well!!.... Joe

Just sittin at my table thinkin bout dat sweet-thang named Farrah, who has more fans than there are grains of sand in the Sahara!Don't ya know that Farrah's numba 1 and competition is none? It's Farrah I adore, even though I'm 26 years her junior, SHE WILL beat this cancer she's not going to let it ruin her! WHEN Farrah beats her cancer then she can go back to work, chill, party, and have fun,God I wish I was that pizza dude in that episode "Terror On Ward One!(season 1 ep.18 1977) Farrah you're da best in da world, don't act like you didn't know, I want you to deal this cancer a knock-out blow! Farrah's da numba 1 diva and icon on da planet, Farrah been in control, way before Janet!(Janet Jackson "Control" 1986). Farrah Fawcett in control, since 1976,ya heard! Farrah's my all-time favorite sex symbol, she's numba 1,she was dominating "Playboy" way before Pamela Anderson! Listen Ma, I want you to grab this cancer by the throat and strangle, strangle, strangle, get da! damn thing done, MY Favorite Angel!- Jermaine C

Dear Farrah, I was just reading some of these great messages to you and trying to think of something to write… all I can come up with is get better, heal and God Blessings upon you and your family..... Katie

Farrah, I hope this message finds you healthy, happy and full of laughter!..... M. K.

123,in da place to be, it's dat girl Farrah who will soon be cancer free! Hey Ma how are you doing? I hope that you are doing okay and that you are taking good care of yourself. Yes for Farrah I do have much love and affection, I wish I was that dude in the wine cellar with Farrah in"The Mexican Connection"(ep.2,season 1,1976).Farrah's sweet, gentle, and OH SO FINE, yes I do love Cheryl, but Farrah's dat "Angel On My Mind"(ep.11,season 3 11-22-78).Listen Ma don't you ever give up! I know you can beat this cancer. I'm counting on you. Farrah's da numba 1 diva and icon on da planet, Farrah been in control, way before Janet!(Janet Jackson "Control" 1986).Farrah Fawcett in control since 1976,ya heard! Farrah's my all-time favorite sex symbol, she's numba 1,she been dominating "Playboy", way before Pamela Anderson. You got it goin' on baby-girl, didn't cha know, you're just as hot as you were back in da day when you did dat 3-girl detective show! Farrah's da best, she go! t this acting thing on lock, after all these years, she's still "da prettiest girl on da block"! Please feel better Ma !I love you J.C.

Farrah, I am a long time fan and admirer. After 30 years of following your career since I was kid you hold a very special place in my heart and mind especially during this time in your life. I will continue to keep you in my thoughts. With Much love and admiration,.... Phillip

farrah, je suis franaise et je te suis depuis toujours,je suis fan de toi et je voudrais te dire : bats toi contre cette putain de maladie et tu gagneras la partie, j'en suis sr. tu es trs forte, saine et sportive, tu vas t'en sortir. gros bisous de FRANCE !!! je t'adore, allez courage !!!..... bribou

Farrah, you will win this! take care..... Nigel in Liverpool England

Farrah, I want to wish you all the luck with your fight againist cancer. I Can't say that I know how you are feeling or what you are going through because I don't. But what I do know that you are a fighter and not a quitter. So I pray that you get better soon. And always keep that bright smile on you face...... Erica [Huntsville, Alabama]

Thank you to everyone who has sent in a nice message for Farrah. Keep Farrah in your thoughts and prayers and continue to hope for the best for her and her health and for her loved ones. Once again, thank you to everyone who took the time to send a nice message to Farrah. There is nothing more powerful then a kind word or sentiment.
Steve McKinnis