Between Two Women

Farrah Fawcett and Colleen Dewhurst star as, respectively, a domineering ex-opera star and a shy schoolteacher. The ads for the film suggested that Michael Nouri plays Dewhurst's son, incurring his mother's wrath when he marries Fawcett. Dewhurst's unwarranted interference destroy her son's marriage--but it is Fawcett who compassionately rushes to her mother-in-law's bedside when the older woman suffers a debilitating stroke. First telecast March 10, 1986, Between Two Women was based on Gillian Martin's novel Living Arrows. ~ Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide

Between Two Women is one of my favorite Fawcett performances. She starts the film as a young woman in love with an artist played by Nouri. From the first meeting with Dewhurst, Fawcett finds herself in a battle that baffles her throughout their years together. This film is strong on so many levels. First the relationship played out between Dewhurst and Fawcett is as real as any you may find in any home. It is a strong and moving film which lets Fawcett play and emote every range of emotion from complete frustration to compassionate care giver.

From; Jon Avnet wrote (with screenwriter Larry Grusin) and directed the TV-movie Between Two Women in 1986 (ABC) starring Farrah Fawcett (once again) and Colleen Dewhurst. Dewhurst (whose work was nominated 12 times and won four Emmy's) won the Emmy in 1986 for her work in this film.