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You may be asking yourself, “Who made this site?” Well, that would be me. I was born in El Paso, Texas. As a fellow Texan, I am proud of Farrah and all that she has accomplished. I have followed her career and have always looked forward to each film or television project she was to appear in. I did get to meet her at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Fawcett has/had collaborated with sculptor Keith Edmier to produce art works that were exhibited there. Due to the success of the exhibition in Los Angeles, and with the help of the Art Production Fund, the art made its way to the Warhol Museum.

Over the years I have been asked many times why I am a fan. The obvious and superficial is usual suspect for the reasoning. I believe it is more than that. I feel like, here is someone who overcame, probably, everyone telling them what they should be doing or what they could or could not do and decided, on their own, to do what they thought was best for them and in their own best interest. I think there is an underlying strength to her, her character and charm. I think she is a very strong woman and holds very strong convictions. As I do not know her this is all conjecture, but as an artist and actor/actress I have nothing but respect for her and her work.

I don’t think anyone could weather the side by side photo comparison of yourself at a young age compared to a now image. Everyone ages. Even Icons. If everyone was evaluated solely on the package and veneer then our celebrities and public figures would disappear after they turned thirty. Much like Logan’s Run. Some of my favorites movies are listed above.

Thanks for reading a little bit about me and the site in general. Please stop by again.

May 12, 2009

If you have been keeping up with Farrah and all the news that has been circulating about her, and I use the term “news” loosely, as most of what was being put out in the media was not via Fawcett or her representatives. Clearly the moral and ethical issue of what is profitable and what is right is really, apparent. Fawcett not only has had to battle cancer she has had to battle a medium (all of the technology that we take for granted and enjoy) but it has robbed her of her dignity. Her ability to choose to whom she shares her medical information with. She was robbed of her choice to disclose to her family and friends in order to expose those extracting medical data (for profit). It’s unconscionable what people have done and do to make a dollar. Celebrity doesn’t mean anyone other than the individual seated in front of their physician has any right to that information. Conjecture and rumors are just as bad. How many battles must one person fight when they are fighting for their very life? I think one. Their health. The invasion and intrusion entrusted upon Fawcett leaves me bewildered and angry. She should have the ability to focus on herself, her family without having to worry that every conversation, every disclosure every step be filmed, photographed or loosely reported upon. I suspect Fawcett took that camcorder with her, that fateful day, when the cancer returned because she desperately desired to have it her way. To disclose: her way and by her choice. Her story will be told, by her with her own footage to document and bear witness to all that she has fought to rise above. I have personally, strived to make this website as a homage to a very talented actress whom I've admired for years. I have tried to keep it free of negativity and make it as positive as possible. The main focus being Farrah, her work and making it less about rumor, conjecture, me or anything not germane to my underlying focus and intent. A site about Farrah Fawcett the actress, nothing else. I only wish she had the privacy that she longed for during her battle with Cancer. I don’t think it was too much to request or expect.

May 15, 2009 PM

I watched Farrah’s Story tonight. It was heart wrenching and sad. Sad in that Fawcett is, seemingly, losing her battle. The spirit and never ceasing “positivity” that Farrah exudes though, is admirable and unflinching. Even in her most painful moments, she doesn’t complain. She cries, but she doesn’t blame. She doesn’t utter “Why me?”

The real blessing here is not just Fawcett’s complete determination to keep her “fight the fight” attitude but it’s in her best friend: Alana Stewart. If everyone could have a best friend like Alana, the world would be a better place. Stewart, rarely seen but ever present behind the camera is strong from the first phone message when she is telling Fawcett to get on the next plane to Germany. Stewart is a faithful and never bending force to be reckoned with. Her quiet determination and her allegiance to Farrah is refreshing and inspiring. Ryan to is present but in the heart that is breaking way. It’s his humor that helps Fawcett throughout, but it’s his bare all honesty that really moves you. What could be more human than telling people “you’re scared?” He doesn’t hold back. He’s candid and irreverent. Fawcett makes the statement that sums up a life: How are you? What are you fighting for? In her battle to save her own life she has uncovered and turned the camera around on the viewer and that is the best gift of all. Self examination and the realization that life is about relationships and the love and life we lead and desire to live and lead.

Steve McKinnis

June 29, 2009 PM

Tomorrow is Farrah’s funeral. A sentence I was hoping I wouldn’t ever have to write or consider. I have admired her since I was ten years old and she debuted on Charlie’s Angels. What an impact Fawcett had on so many. She wasn’t just a Texas beauty with the thousand watt smile, she was this athletic, strong and independent woman who strived to seek out and achieve what she determined was what she wanted. She went on to prove herself as an actress, garnered six Golden Globe Nominations and multiple Emmy nominations. She was a mother and artist and, more importantly a friend to those she knew and loved. She surpassed what was expected and predicated for her. Forever remembered as the girl in the red swim suit, the former’s Charlie’s Angels star was so much more. As Ryan O’Neal said to Meredith Vieira, “You loved her for all the right reasons.” She was and is an ICON of the seventies. But her career spanned four decades. She was twenty-nine years old (old in Hollywood standards today) when the unblinking eye of a camera catapulted her to stardom before there was internet or cell phones or even VCRs. She had the kind of media blitz unparalleled by even today’s standards. She was an American beauty with a name as original and beautiful as she was. So, as she is laid to rest, remember her fight, the awareness she brought towards Anal Cancer, the removal of the stigma attached to it, and the frailty of life. Farrah said it best in several ways, first her greatest desire was simply to go on living and second, “What are you fighting for?”

Steve McKinnis