Logan's Run

I remember riding my bike to a video store (this was when VHS and rentals first became available) I remember the VCR was quite large, anyway, I remember the first summer I got to see LOGAN’S RUN, I kept re-renting it and I would watch the same scene over and over and over and over, it was ridiculous. I’d watch the movie in its entirety, but I had to keep watching Fawcett in her cameo part. I kept thinking it would’ve been better had Jenny and Fawcett switched roles. It wasn’t until many years later that I read Michael York actually campaigned for Fawcett for the small role after seeing her playing tennis. All in all, it was my favorite film to rent for one summer. This was well before Blockbuster came about.

From Widpedia The novel was adapted in 1976 as a film, directed by Michael Anderson and starring Michael York as Logan 5 (not 3), Jenny Agutter as Jessica 6, and Richard Jordan as Francis 7. The film only uses the basic premise from the novel (everyone must die at a specific age, Logan runs with Jessica as his companion while being chased by Francis). However, the world is post-apocalyptic and people now live inside huge domed cities and are unaware of the world outside, believing it to be a barren, poisonous environment. The motivations of the characters are also quite different in the film. The age of death is 30, and Logan is a 26-year-old Sandman, sent by the computer to find and destroy Sanctuary. The computer alters his palm flower (here called a lifeclock) to show him as a Lastday, and he becomes a runner. Sanctuary turns out not to exist, and only one old man (Peter Ustinov) lives with cats in the Senate Chamber of the largely intact ruins of Washington, DC. Logan kills Francis, in the movie simply a Sandman, not a rebel leader, and leads Old Man back to just outside the domed city, returning to try to lead a revolt against the culling. No one believes or listens to him or Jessica, and instead he is captured by Sandmen. In his interrogation by the computer, his honest information that there is no Sanctuary causes the computer to self-destruct. The ending implies that Old Man will lead the young throngs as they leave the confines of the burning and exploding Domed City.