It is extremely disconcerting to read that, once again, The Enquirer, has added insult to injury by releasing the medical status of Ms. Fawcett to the world and caused her the loss of her own ability to decide when and with whom she chooses to share her condition. That is her choice and her choice alone.

It is unfortunate that someone, more than likely for money, released that information. I have been reading articles that have expressed her great hurt over not being able to tell friends and family without being able to do so and then release her own statement in her own time. Like most people, I assumed, incorrectly, that what I heard, on the radio, was the release of her condition because it was publicly released. It wasn’t.

I would strongly encourage, anyone and everyone who reads this message to stop buying or viewing any tabloid publication. While you are in the grocery store check-out line or sitting waiting for a haircut or at the dentist’s office, do not look at or glance at or even give these publications an ounce of attention.

It is the only way to defeat a very corrupt and truly malignant periodical that abuses what the 1st amendment and its intentions were for. Clearly, that amendment was written long before the development and creation of computers, the internet (as it is today) and the modes of communication that our founding fore fathers could never have envisioned.

The sole intention of the creation of this site is to celebrate the great artist and talented actor that Farrah Fawcett is and has aspired to be and I have tried to steer clear of negativity and false reports. There is even a section on the site(sites) that defines these types of publications. I was fortunate enough to have met her, briefly, in Los Angeles at her art show with Keith. I was fortunate enough to receive a very nice note with her book and an inscription and I feel very fortunate to be able to indulge my admiration for her through this venue. But if I thought or felt that, in any way, this site had over stepped any kind of boundary that would inflict any kind of emotional toll on Farrah, I would erase it in a second.

That is what is missing in the hearts and souls of editors, producers and media outlets who only see a headline and don’t stop to consider that Farrah is a living and breathing human being. She has family. She has friends. She has a life. Yes, she is an actress. Yes, she is famous. Yes, she is an American Icon. But, she has rights. She has the right to her privacy. She has the right, especially, when it comes to her health to keep it private. And if she decides to release that information, that is her choice.

Just because someone appears on television, in a film, in a play, on a news real doesn’t mean that everything is open to public dissemination. To assume that we have a right to know, that somehow, this could be misconstrued into believing that it's in the public best interest or that “journalists” have a story to tell and have a right to tell it doesn’t apply in this situation. There is a line. It has been crossed.


A rumor (British English: rumour) is a piece of purportedly true information that is circulated without substantiating evidence. Rumors can range from simple gossip to advanced propaganda techniques

The long-distance champion of the Human Race--a monster with more tales than an octopus.

Tell or spread rumors; "It was rumored that the next president would be a woman" A current story passing from one person to another, without any known authority for its truth; -- in this sense often personified.

A flying or popular report; the common talk; hence, public fame; notoriety.

The Tabloids and tabloid journalism

It must go with the territory. To be and become a celebrity you must endure the publics adoration and the publics need for details.

Mud will be flung and Farrah has had more than her fair share. Rumors have long circulated about drug use, incoherence and whatever it is you can think of. That sells newspapers and tabloid television is no different.

Although the line between what was once considered “news,” and “entertainment,” is very much invisible, if not non-existent. I remember when I was an under grad and being told it was okay, as a journalist, to condense what a speaker is saying to create a quote. I thought that by changing just one word, you could change the entire content and intent of what someone was saying. When I was interviewed once, I’d stated the following, “It depends on how self-motivated they are.” What was written was, “It depends on how motivated they are.” There is a big difference.

So, I can only imagine the scope and latitude of what reporters must take when the interview someone like Farrah. I am sure, many times, she has read something and wondered who it was they were talking to.

Tabloid journalism. Reader & viewer: beware.

I only hope, truly, that Farrah rebounds with her health at one hundred percent and that this kind of pariah has no long term effects on her mental and physical being at a time when “positivity” really is the best weapon. I applaud her “fight the fight” and what her father has said in the past, “Every day is a good day, just some days are better.” Forgive me if I didn’t get that quote quite right but you get the idea.

So, truly, from the depths of my heart, I reiterate this message from Proverbs 16:24

"Pleasant words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones."
"Good Energy & healing light to you Farrah. Love and admiration, always" - S.M.

May12, 2009

If you have been keeping up with Farrah and all the news that has been circulating about her, and I use the term “news” loosely, as most of what was being put out in the media was not via Fawcett or her representatives. Clearly the moral and ethical issue of what is profitable and what is right is really, apparent. Fawcett not only has had to battle cancer she has had to battle a medium (all of the technology that we take for granted and enjoy) but it has robbed her of her dignity. Her ability to choose to whom she shares her medical information with. She was robbed of her choice to disclose to her family and friends in order to expose those extracting medical data (for profit). It’s unconscionable what people have done and do to make a dollar. Celebrity doesn’t mean anyone other than the individual seated in front of their physician has any right to that information. Conjecture and rumors are just as bad. How many battles must one person fight when they are fighting for their very life? I think one. Their health. The invasion and intrusion entrusted upon Fawcett leaves me bewildered and angry. She should have the ability to focus on herself, her family without having to worry that every conversation, every disclosure every step be filmed, photographed or loosely reported upon. I suspect Fawcett took that camcorder with her, that fateful day, when the cancer returned because she desperately desired to have it her way. To disclose: her way and by her choice. Her story will be told, by her with her own footage to document and bear witness to all that she has fought to rise above. I have personally, strived to make this website as a homage to a very talented actress whom I've admired for years. I have tried to keep it free of negativity and make it as positive as possible. The main focus being Farrah, her work and making it less about rumor, conjecture, me or anything not germane to my underlying focus and intent. A site about Farrah Fawcett the actress, nothing else. I only wish she had the privacy that she longed for during her battle with Cancer. I don’t think it was too much to request or expect.

May15, 2009

If you have missed any of the TODAY SHOW interviews with Alana Stewart, Kate Jackson or Ryan O’Neal click above. Kate had a great deal to say this morning about the tabloids in addition to anecdotes about Farrah and her humor, her strength and her intent. But Jackson was most poignant when she spoke directly about the tabloids in general stating that if you want to read about celebrities being unhappy, then buy them, if you want to read lies, then buy them, but they are no different then what is left on toilet paper.